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Job's no where to be seen

Proudmommieof2 started this conversation
Well just an update. My boyfriend is now a Sub Contractor for a local screening and enclosure company. I am still looking for work and becoming a little depressed in the fact I can't find anything. Finally getting stamps and medicaid again for my both my girls and my boyfriend but still unable to atleast get medicaid for myself. They claim I am refusing to talk to the child support office about my daughter's father who is my boyfriend.. Say I won't talk to them about getting things going but I know what will happen if I do as they want. 2+ years of back child support even though he has been raising her for the past 2 years with me. This is florida and they won't listen to me if i told them this.. So i just put it off.. I hate doing it.. but what else can i do. I need a job that pays good so I can afford to to go the local clinic and get seen.. Been 3 years since I have been seen. And the only time I can get medicaid is if Im pregnant. Not gonna be a kid popper just to be seen...
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positive thoughts
Hello, I'm sorry that you are unable to find a job yet. I will pray that you do. Last year when I was laid off it took me 13 months before I landed a job. I had over 150 plus resumes out there. Been working now for 8 weeks. And now had a call yesterday on another job offer but have to really think about that one yet. Hang in there and don't give up or discouraged. (I know it can be frustrating). I believe strongly in the power of prayer. My church put me on the prayer chain and two days later I praise God I got the job that I am at now.
God Bless you and your family it will get better.
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I hope things get better for u, but sadly since yall are not married the child support thing is going to still stand. Social services is very picky about that. But here is an idea, idk if u have any health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, bad back, etc, but if u have a long going diagnose they have to give u Medicaid becuz u are medicine dependant, and if they don't, u can take them to court for neglecting ur medical diagnoses, I hope this helps and much luck always.....
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